Bryncoch Primary School

Posted: 7th January 2023
Working with year 6 students at Bryncoch Primary, Plob and Dave helped to transform the schools storage unit.

With every school project we undertake, the students are involved as much as possible. With this particular piece, they not only came up with some of the key elements of the piece but helped to apply it to the container. We worked with the students themes of working together and nature.

Our crew members made sure the surface was clean, dry and ready to use, to get the most out of the day. Then, laying down some of the basic shapes and it was time to let the students try their hand at graffiti.

As with all our community and school led projects, safety is key so masks and gloves were given to all students. Dave went through the basics of how to hold and handle the can of spray paint to get the most out of it. Then the students tried some test stencils before working on the main piece.

Working as a group they really brought the container to life with bold colours. After the students had filled in all the major areas, Plob used his years of skill to finish the finer details. This was to make sure all the elements had a crisp finish.

It’s always a pleasure working with groups of students who want to create something unique and get involved at every step of the project.


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