Empowering Communities Through Mural Workshops

Posted: 5th April 2024

In today’s world, art has emerged as a powerful tool for social change and community empowerment. Flip The Streets is doing this through workshops

From vibrant graffiti art murals adorning city walls to thought-provoking installations in public spaces. Art has the ability to inspire, educate, and unite. Recently we partnered with Swansea University. Empowering communities through mural workshops aimed at celebrating the black history of Wales and promoting equality.

Through the collaborative process of creating this mural, students at Swansea University were provided with a platform to express themselves creatively. Also empowering them to take ownership of their narratives. Many of these students were from BAME backgrounds. The workshop offered them a unique opportunity to showcase their talents and perspectives on a public platform. By working together, they learned the value of collaboration and collective action in effecting positive change within their community. Artist Alex worked closely with the students, providing guidance, support, and mentorship throughout the creative process.

From brainstorming ideas to mastering new skills like spray painting. Alex ensured that the students felt empowered and equipped to bring their vision to life through this Swansea community art piece.

Beyond its aesthetic appeal, the mural serves as an educational tool. Offering viewers insight into the rich and diverse history of Wales that is often overlooked or marginalised. By portraying prominent black figures like Vaughn Gething and Betty Campbell, who have made significant contributions to Welsh society. The mural fosters a deeper appreciation for the richness of the country’s cultural heritage. It challenges perspectives and empowers viewers to engage in meaningful dialogue about issues of race, identity, and equality.

This collaborative effort exemplifies the transformative potential of art in empowering communities through mural workshops. Promoting positive social change. As we continue to harness the power of creativity and collaboration, let us strive to build a more inclusive and equitable society for all.


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