Empowering Communities Through Mural Workshops
5th April 2024
In today's world, art has emerged as a powerful tool for social change and community empowerment. Flip The Streets is doing this through workshops From vibrant graffiti art murals adorning… Read More
1st June 2023
Tony Quan, also known as TemptOne, is a renowned graffiti artist. TemptOne gained prominence in the 1980s as a member of the legendary graffiti crew called "The Seventh Letter." Quan… Read More
School Murals and Morale
5th May 2023
There is a lot a mural can do for the wellbeing of students and the affect it can have on their outlook of school At Fresh we have been lucky… Read More
Colour and Emotion
25th March 2023
Colour theory is the study of how colours interact with each other. It is also how they can be combined to create pleasing visual compositions. Here are some basics of… Read More
Learning through art workshops
25th March 2023
Art workshops are essential for individuals to develop their creativity, learn new skills, and explore their artistic potential. The following are some of the reasons why art workshops are essential:… Read More
3D Street Art
2nd February 2023
Street art is not always created on walls. Some pieces of work require the interaction of the public to create an illusion. Have you ever come across a drawing on… Read More
Art and Autism
6th January 2023
For those of us who cannot always get words to come out of our mouths, art offers a way of self-expression. The experience of expressing one’s self through art has… Read More
Art and Mental Health
17th September 2022
Art is any hobby that involves a creative outlet. This includes fine art such as painting, drawing and sculpting or other types of art such as music, dancing or writing!… Read More
Optical Illusion Art
25th August 2023
Illusion art, also known as optical art or Op art, involves creating visual effects that deceive the eye and challenge the viewer's perception. Several artists have gained fame for their… Read More
Street Art and Communities
17th November 2022
Street art has come a long way in recent times. What used to be considered vandalism is now becoming an integral part of a cities identity and desire to make… Read More

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