School Murals and Morale

Posted: 5th May 2023

There is a lot a mural can do for the wellbeing of students and the affect it can have on their outlook of school

At Fresh we have been lucky to work with several schools in the Swansea area. Every time we get such a positive response from the students and staff alike. Its obvious during our workshops and after we have left, through the reactions of parents and teachers. School murals and morale go hand in hand.

Plob working with Tofty at a school in Bryncoch

There are several benefits linking school murals and morale.

  1. Creating a welcoming and inclusive environment: Murals can help to create a warm and inviting atmosphere. Welcoming students, teachers, and staff into the school. Celebrating diversity and promote inclusivity by showcasing the school’s cultural and ethnic heritage.
  2. Encouraging creativity: Murals can inspire students to explore their own creativity. Expressing themselves through art. Seeing the artistic expressions of others, students will be motivated to try new techniques. Developing their own artistic styles.
  3. Enhancing the learning experience: Murals can serve as a visual aid to enhance the learning experience. Depicting historical events or scientific concepts. These can help students to better understand and remember the material.
  4. Improving school culture: Murals help to improve the overall culture of the school. By promoting a positive and uplifting atmosphere. This can lead to increased student engagement, motivation, and academic achievement.
  5. Fostering a sense of ownership and pride: Murals can create a sense of ownership and pride in the school community. By contributing to the creation of a mural, students and staff can feel a sense of pride and ownership in their school and their community.

These are just some basic examples of how a school murals and morale are linked. If you want to get a better idea take a look at all our other projects here


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