Tir Morfa

Posted: 27th January 2023
We were very happy to be invited to Tir Morfa to transform several walls on the outside of the building

With all school projects we work with pupils to come up with ideas and themes for murals. Using drawings and ideas to create larger pieces of work. This particular project was larger than most and we recruited the help of three team members to complete the job.

Our skilled crew Dave, Alisha and Ffion worked side by side, adding their unique styles to each wall. With nature being the key themes, they added features from land and sea to this expansive piece. A mixture of realistic and cartoon styles give each wall a distinctive look.

You can see from the images above how one wall was brought to life with the striking octopus design. There is detail in every aspect and this was the case for each wall. The bold bright colours gave each surface new life and vibrancy. The gallery below highlights just how many designs were involved and how colourful each wall is.


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