Ynysfach Primary School

Posted: 1st December 2022
We returned to Ynysfach Primary to work with another group of young people. This time creating a storyboard Mural, with artist Dave Long.

After the success of our last outing see here, we were asked to work with another year group to transform another section of their playground. Letting the students come up with themes and drawings as a basis for the mural.

Dave worked with the students, going over the important skills needed to work with spray paint safely and efficiently. Cans at the ready and with safety gear on it was time to create. They helped Dave to lay down block colours and assist with the layout of the final design.

You can see from the final result, that it was a full and productive day, with a great end product that stands out from the background. We have the artists and ability to take on projects of any size so get in touch today.


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