Clean Coast graffiti workshop with Fusion Swansea and Swansea council

Posted: 18th September 2022

Our young group of participants took part in creating this large piece whilst learning graffiti and spray-painting techniques and skills.  

The participants had the opportunity to paint letters and details on the piece using spray paint. This design was chosen to bring attention to littering on the beach in the hopes that a bright, colourful message would encourage beach goers to take their litter home and keep the Swansea coast clean. 

This workshop taught the young people taking part different techniques used in spray painting. We gave a brief introduction, explaining what it is we do at Fresh Creative and then started painting. The participants were given tasks and sections of the mural to complete helping them get involved and really stuck in. 

The young people taking part got the chance to take part in a community project that would be enjoyed by thousands of beach visitors in the summertime and by working together, ceased the opportunity to make friends! 

Some finishing touches including highlights, outlines and drop shadows, by the artists running the workshop completed the piece  to give it the professional quality we strive for.

 A fantastic day out for everyone involved! This piece was a great success and certainly did it’s job in catching the eyes of passers-by. The participants did an amazing job, listening to instructions to create a tidy, well done piece for all of Swansea to see! A big thank you to all who were involved, including Fusion Swansea and Swansea Council. 


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