Platfform Workshop – If You Can, Fight!

Posted: 18th September 2022
We ran a series of workshops with a group of young people from the Platfform group to design and paint a number of creative murals in the city centre of Swansea. 

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The first platfform workshop consisted of a day of designing with the group. To start we asked the young people what was important to them and what they wanted to say with the murals.

From this the concepts of social justice, inclusion and equality came through strongly from this workshop. Discussing visual concepts and how we could get the message across in a mural. As well as what feature pieces we could include. 

Over the next 4 workshops the young people worked with our artists and creative practitioners. Looking at various styles of street art and ways of realising their concepts. This initial stage of design helped the young people to visualise the larger piece.

We met up in the city centre to paint the pieces over 2 days. The group were guided in spray painting techniques to create large scale pieces.

This was a real team effort. Involving 5 of the Fresh Creative team, 3 of the Platfform team and 10 young people. It was a very satisfying collaboration to be part of and an uplifting experience. Everyone worked hard throughout the length of the workshops.

The Team who ran the platfform workshop have said “It was wonderful to hear so many positive comments from passers by as they saw us painting and watched the art taking shape.”

Thank you to the team at Platfform for their support over the course of the project and a BIG thank you to the young people who joined us for their enthusiasm and creativity!


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