Workshop at Llwyn Y Bryn, Gower College Swansea

Posted: 10th September 2022
Fresh Creative CIC was once again invited to run a series of workshops at Llwyn Y Bryn campus to work with foundation-level students to guide them in sizing up their work and painting on a large scale.


Artists Dave Long and Alisha Withers spent a week at Llwyn Y Bryn Working with groups of students on multiple projects. The start of the week saw the artists help students use techniques to upscale designs they had already chosen onto boards that would be displayed around campus as well as a mural that would be painted in the college community area. These techniques included a doodle grid and the grid method.

Pupils used work from their previous project and used different mediums and techniques to create their large-scale pieces. Our artists worked with them, encouraging the students to make practice pieces and experiment with different techniques, textures and styles using different materials other than, pencils, pens and brushes.


Over the course of sessions running a full week, 3 separate projects were being worked on. Individual boards to display in the hallways of the college, a large ‘SANCTUARY’ board to be displayed at the entrance of the college and a large mural for the community area. The sanctuary theme celebrated Gower College Swansea being officially recognised as a College of Sanctuary, the first FE College in Wales to receive such a title! Each group of students worked as a cohesive team to design, map out and paint each piece with guidance from Dave and Alisha. The new techniques they learnt from the workshop could then be translated into their own work at college. 


We encouraged students to experiment with colours, techniques and textures while creating their pieces. We brought a box of mark making tools that would give the participants an opportunity to work with spray paint and to take their design in directions they wouldn’t otherwise explore. With help from the artists running the workshop, all pieces were completed before a deadline and the work was displayed on campus.

Final pieces

Foundation students were a pleasure to work with over the course of the week, creating impressive, exciting pieces. All projects were completed to a high quality and standard leaving the campus with bright and exciting artwork that the students could be proud of! The participants of the workshop took on new information and techniques to create new styles of art and upscale their existing work. Over the course of sessions, 3 large projects were completed to the satisfaction of the pupils, staff at the college and the artists running the workshop. Thank you to the Foundation level Llwyn Y Bryn students of 2022 for their hard work and we hope to return to the college soon! 


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