Evolve Swansea

Posted: 22nd October 2022
Evolve is Swansea Council’s Young People Service. Working with young people across Swansea to keep them safe and provide support when they need it most.

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Evolve Swansea had a sports hall in need of a refurb. So artist @davelong.art was brought in to conduct workshops and complete a massive 300ft mural spanning the interior of the sports hall. Working with groups of young people they mapped out various elements. Adding in sports an activities important to them.

The design paid homage to the existing work by previous Graff’ artists and introduced new elements to make a truly contemporary mural and keep the aesthetic of the wall relevant to the community. With elements of nature added in next to the sharp, bold wording. With a strong colour scheme running through the whole piece.

You can see from the images below just how expansive the mural was. It was a pleasure working with the staff and volunteers watching this one come together. At Fresh we like to work with communities to help them feel a sense of pride. Not only for the work they create but a sense of ownership for the area its in.


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