Mixtup Museum Planters

Posted: 22nd October 2022
We always enjoy working with @mixtupswans , the young people have such a positive energy it makes every workshop a joy.

We were asked by The Waterfront Museum in Swansea to brighten up some of their planters and we couldn’t think of a better group to work with. From the outset their enthusiasm was amazing and they created some outstanding work.

Working with a mix of materials, we started by laying down some vibrant greens with spray paint. Keeping the design lose they really enjoyed experimenting with paint. This was to create a base for some hand cut vinyl designs to sit on top of.

The workshop went so well we were asked to come back to paint the other planters. Using bright spring colours as a background, @fineartphil hand cut stencils of various insects and plants and overlaid them in vibrant contrasting colours to make them stand out.


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