Brynamman Workshop

Posted: 15th October 2022
Artist @ffionnolwenn worked with a group of young people to explore different themes and techniques. As always, they exceeded our expectations with some stunning work.

At Fresh we want to give everyone the opportunity to work with the medium of spray paint. Using it to its full potential and helping people explore ideas. Our skilled artists work with all ages to help them make the most of the sessions.

With the boards prepared and a wide range of colours to use this group really made the most of the workshop. Giving them guidance on different techniques they were able to go to town on their designs. Creating 3 designs on one board.

The outcomes of this particular workshop helped to inform a larger piece of work for artist Ffion. Using some of the silhouettes and colours for a mural with Fresh Creative Ltd. From the images below its easy to see the wide range of layouts that can be achieved. Take a look at the finished mural Brynaman Lido


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