YMCA Swansea

Posted: 27th May 2023

Team members Munch and Alex worked with a group of young people from The local YMCA to create work around their thoughts on community and diversity.

We have been working with a number of local community groups and youth clubs in recent months. Helping to fight racism. Creating positive reflections of young people and their surroundings. YMCA Swansea, Media Academy Cymru and PAC Cymru were keen to get the perspective of one group so came to us.

Working with the group to come up with key themes and phrases. Helping them to realise their ideas. Above you can see the use of a doodle grid. This helps to overlay designs onto a blank surface. From there they laid down the outlines of the design. Teaching the individuals how to handle the spray cans so they could get involved. Using bright complimentary colours.

The key phrase was “We are a reflection of our community” using a block type. The creative fills really make this phrase vibrant and powerful. All the young people got involved as it was an important subject to them. Working with YMCA Swansea gives the young people a creative outlet for their views. In a controlled environment where they can express themselves.

Using contrasting colours and fades within the letters gives them more depth. Not to mention the clever shadows as the characters overlap. Both team members have a strong letter game and it is clear from this project. We have worked with other local groups to create empowering public art. Check it out here


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