Clase Community Cwtch

Posted: 13th May 2023
This small team, made up of Child and Family workers and volunteers have a passion for community work. So we created a mural for them to enhance their courtyard.

Clase Community Cwtch provide opportunities for children and their families to have fun, try new things, make friends, learn, grow, and develop in a safe and supportive environment. Every one that accesses their services are valued for who they are and supported to be their best selves.

Artist @munched1993 worked with the young people at the Cwtch. They came up with ideas for the mural which were combined to form the final piece.

Approach and Application

Starting with a clean canvas, Munch worked the design into the shape of the brickwork. Making it come alive, and look more dynamic. Using the full range of rich colours he started with the focal points of the design.

Next, he created movement by linking the sun and moon with wavy lines. Connecting them with colour and shape. Blending the internal colours to join the two elements. Keeping the background colour simple really helps to make them stand out. Next came the foreground and the finer details. You can see from the image below just how big the piece is.

Keeping the colours vibrant and friendly he added in the hills and foliage to give the piece more depth. Cleverly adding outlines to the brickwork to give them shadows. The design looks like it is coming through the bricks. The strong outlines on the flowers gives the other elements a softer more natural look.

Thanks to Linda and the team for helping to make the magic happen. Watch this space for more colourful goings-on down at Clase Community Cwtch Swansea!


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