Mixtup Museum Planters

22nd October 2022
We always enjoy working with @mixtupswans , the young people have such a positive energy it makes every workshop a joy. We were asked by The Waterfront Museum in Swansea to brighten up…

Brynamman Workshop

15th October 2022
Artist @ffionnolwenn worked with a group of young people to explore different themes and techniques. As always, they exceeded our expectations with some stunning work. At Fresh we want to give…

Space Graffiti Workshop

1st October 2022
We ran a workshop for @weareplatfform in a mini festival organized by @platfform4yp as part of a series of FREE workshops for creative, young minds! The workshop involved teaching the participants spray painting techniques,…

Exist Skatepark

24th October 2011
During the half term, we held graffiti workshops at the Exist Skatepark working with a group of young people. We created designs and decorated the interior of the skatepark. Bringing…

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