Empowering Communities Through Mural Workshops

5th April 2024
In today's world, art has emerged as a powerful tool for social change and community empowerment. Flip The Streets is doing this through workshops From vibrant graffiti art murals adorning…

School Murals and Morale

5th May 2023
There is a lot a mural can do for the wellbeing of students and the affect it can have on their outlook of school At Fresh we have been lucky…

Learning through art workshops

25th March 2023
Art workshops are essential for individuals to develop their creativity, learn new skills, and explore their artistic potential. The following are some of the reasons why art workshops are essential:…

Art and Autism

6th January 2023
For those of us who cannot always get words to come out of our mouths, art offers a way of self-expression. The experience of expressing one’s self through art has…

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